Information for Prospective PhD Students:

Thank you for your interest in my research group at USC. The group is broadly interested in software engineering, software security, machine learning, and computer systems. Our vision is to build testing and analysis techniques for improving the reliability, security, and efficiency of complex software systems. Some of our ongoing projects include static/dynamic bug detection, program analysis for WebAssembly, attack investigation and detection, compiler testing, and performance profiling. You can read about our work on my webpage.

Candidate Qualifications:

I am looking for bright and motivated PhD students to join my group in Fall 2023. I am excited to work with students who (1) are committed to top-notch research, (2) have a solid background in system programming, and (3) have experience with building large software systems. Students with research experience in software engineering, security, or compilers will be given priority.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying to be a PhD student in my group,